Opstad PTA

Welcome to our Fall Fundraiser!

This important program will help us raise much needed funds that will be used for special programs in the classrooms, sponsor family events and provide teachers and staff with funds for classroom materials. We will need your support to help make this one of the most successful fundraisers our school has ever had. We're excited to be working with Orange Ruler, as they offer our school a fresh and innovative way to help us reach our goals. In addition to helping us raise money, their program emphasizes the importance of teamwork, being active, thinking of others and believing in yourself. The program also streamlines the entire fundraising process to make it easy for you to help in this important cause.

After the school year begins you will get more information on how you and your child can help make this wonderful fundraiser a success. 

More information will come as we get closer to the event on October 4th, 2018!!