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families and fledgling readers invited!


Join us in practicing fun and easy ways to support your young readers…

Tuesday, March 28th 6:30-7:30 pm

Snoqualmie Elementary gym


Learn fun new ways to support your student:

  • Word and sound play
  • Letter names and sounds games
  • Sight words games
  • Talking about books with your kids
  • Meet our local KCLS librarian!


Please RSVP to davial@svsd410.org







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S.T.E.A.M. Night at Opstad

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 FREE Opstad Dance

May 18th

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Your Money at Work

Teacher Funds:

*Every year we give $310 to each teacher/specialist to use for items in their classrooms that they would not be able to purchase otherwise.

Chris Harting- 3rd Grade

I bought chart posters for the class, some presentation materials to use with ReadyGen (new Reading Curriculum) replacing some materials for the Project Lead the Way Science kits.

Danielle Johnson- 1st Grade

I have purchased new books, organizing supplies, and class rewards with the PTA funds.

Wendy Harrison- Kindergarten

I haven't used all of the money PTA gave me, but have really appreciated having it when I needed it so far.  I have purchased some books.  Some are wordless and some have words.  All will be great to get the Kinders started on the writing path, by showing them that stories can be told with pictures and that everyone starts writing with squiggles and then moves on to more and more letters.

I also got rice for my sensory table, and beans and play dough ingredients to support all students (my tactile kiddos specifically) as we practice making letters.

Finally, I bought a math vocab organizer and a plan for setting up stem bins.  I think the rest of the money will be used to build the bins.

Thank you again!  The funds are greatly appreciated!

Damaris Melton- 1st Grade

New Rug

Tammy Williams- 1st Grade

Student Book Boxes, Name Tags, IKEA Bins, Books, Privacy Boards, Manipulatives, Art Supplies, Stickers and Storage Cart for headphones.

Jennifer Engdahl- 5th Grade

So far I have purchased some items from Teachers Pay Teachers to help with our new reading curriculum.  The first one is the first unit in our Ready Gen, laid out in an easy format, for me to follow in one location.  The second is a slideshow to use with the kids to go with this same unit.

 In addition, also from Teacher’s Pay Teachers, I purchased a bundle to help organize their math data and growth charts.

If I am pleased with the purchase after finishing Unit one, I plan to use the funds to purchase further units.

Sharon Miller- 3rd Grade

Purple Rug for my classroom

Broom for cleaning classroom

Posters, sticker charts and stickers, birthday certificates, Planning Book, fadeless bulletin board paper, special pens, folders 

Numerous of these books…“Who Was….Helen Keller, Bill Gates, Franklin Roosevelt, ect…”

Barb Koefod- 4th Grade

I've already purchased some great supplies for the 2016-17 year, kicking off a year of organization and art!

Here are some of my purchases...

  • Each student has an organizational desk container, making it much more efficient to locate supplies as needed.  These are awesome!
  • New pastels, which we've already used for an art project.  They're super high quality and vibrant.  We'll get a ton of use out of these great pastels.
  • Teachers-Pay-Teachers supplemental graphic organizers and writing tools.
  • Styrofoam mounts for the 4th grade's first all-grade art project.

I also plan to buy more art supplies for special art projects for my class and our whole 4th grade team.

Thank you so much!!!

Mary Harmon- 4th Grade

Most importantly, I was able to add a ton of new books to my classroom library  (great since I was moving up a grade) and a automatic pencil sharpener to the class!  Can't do much without sharp pencils!  Thank you so much for the funds!  

Molly Haggerty- 2nd Grade

First, thank you so much for including teacher funds in the budget.  It is so helpful and allows me the opportunity to purchase things I might not otherwise choose to purchase.  Among other things, I have purchased writing folders for kids to keep their work organized.  Also, I purchased a clipboard for each child to also stay organized and to be able to work anywhere in the room.   Other things I have used the money for are organizing tubs for our new leveled books and additional books for our class library.

Stephanie Corell- Kindergarten 

I bought a rug secondhand from another teacher, book baskets, books, puzzles, and playthings for my Play to Learn area.

Thank you again for the money! Since I am new to the school the money certainly helped out a lot!!

Brittany Chaffeur-  3rd Grade

I spent some of my money on mason jars for the kids to write and store their ‘treasures’ in!  I also filled up my prize box, bought water bottles for the kids on the first day, and bins for my library!

Rebecca Nowak- Kindergarten

magnetic ten frame - for teaching about grouping things by 10's

play food, step stool, and art materials.

Kathleen Clancy- SLP

Please give the PTA a huge THANK YOU from the speech language pathologist. This was an unexpected help with coming into a new school. I used my funds to help with the cost of supplies for the kids to make speech notebooks, also for sticker for their rewards charts and plastic sleeves for my assessment materials.

Erin Treiber- Occupational Therapist

So far, I have purchased a rolling cart organizer for supplies that I use when working with kids, and several visual timers.  I plan to spend more once I get to know my kids a little better. 

Mark McConnell- PE Teacher

I have not fully decided on everything that I will be purchasing this year, but some things that are on my list are:

Shield Saucer Slam (Frisbee game), New Mini Trampolene, Voit Featherlite Balls, Floor Tape, Veggie Set (bean bag type items that look like vegetables)., Flex Fun Wiffle Balls, Nerf Footballs, Omnikin Ball Bladders and Beachballs

Alex Henry- 4th Grade

I used the funds to purchase stools for alternative seating and extra school supplies. I am saving the rest of it for needs that may come up during the course of the school year. Thank you so much for all of PTA’s support.

Marianne Bradburn- 3rd Grade

With the pta money I was able to buy some new bins for my classroom, a few math resource books, plus some reading activities and lesson plans for our new reading series. 

Keith McHenry- 5th Grade

Posters and decorations for the classroom, teaching manuals and teaching materials, as well as art supplies for a class project.


Grant Money: Every year we allow teachers to apply for grant money.  This allows teachers to purchase bigger ticket items for their grade levels.

K, 1, 2, 3 Teachers- RAZ Kids 1 year subscription for 350 kids $1,551.01 
Mr. Bates and Mr. McConnell- 5th grade GAGA Ball GAGA Pit for PE/Recess $1,238 
Mr. Vidos- Mini Garden Mini Garden planted and maintained by resource room kids $300 
Kindergarten- Pumpkin Patch Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch for Kinders $842 
Mr. Bates- Unlocking Middle School Mysteries Locks for 5th graders to practice locks $120.56 
4th Grade- Electricity Toy Workshop (enrichment program for 4th grade) $1,481 
Mrs. Aydelotte and Mr. Vidos- Laptop Charging Station used for resource room to help store and charge chrome books $775.97 
2nd Grade- Kitchen Science Workshop (hands on experiments to add onto their matters) units $750 
5th grade- IXL Math and IXL LA  $1,350 
Total $8,408.54  in Grant Money